Creative and polished library outreach — this is “The Stephanie Birch Experience.” When it comes to programming and outreach, I am in my element. From program development to graphic design to workshop facilitation, I enjoy collaborating with colleagues and partners to bring dynamic educational programming to the UF campus and local communities. This is one area of my work where I get to showcase my creativity, passion, and resourcefulness.

Black History Month Double Feature: a Virtual Celebration of Early African American Film

Panel Discussion: "Race Films" & Norman Studios

Film Screening: The Flying Ace (1926)
2021 Black History Month Program, celebrating the launch of the UF Libraries’ new Black Film & Film Literature Collection, named in honor of the late Dr. Patricia Hilliard Nunn.

Promotional Videos
The (Virtual) Library Promotional Video

Intersections on Mass Incarceration Promo Video

Community & Public Service 
Community partnerships and engagement are core tenets of my librarianship practice and personal philosophy. Through community collaboration, I seek to leverage my professional position and access to institutional resources to advance Black community-led initiatives.

Poster called "What Freedom Built: Black-Built Neighborhoods" showing a archival and special collection materials from the George A. Smathers Libraries.

This poster was displayed at the City of Gainesville’s 2021 Juneteenth Celebration; it highlights documents and images from the George A. Smathers Libraries’ Special Collections. The map (1938) shows the city’s Black neighborhoods built by formerly enslaved peoples who, after emancipation, came to Gainesville from the seven nearby plantations. Many of their descendants still live in Gainesville today, but their neighborhoods no longer exist or are actively being dismantled by the City, University, and private developers.